Customer Sign Up/Sign In Options

There are several ways a customer can sign up to your draw or to sign in to add a visit tag.

With the customer's cell phone

The easiest way for the customer is to scan a special barcode called a QR code that the You're a Winner! client software can print or display (depending on your preferences) with their cell phone.

If the customer has already used their cell phone to sign up or sign in then the process is as simple as the customer scanning the QR code and clicking the Open Browser link presented by the scanner software. Everything else is automatic.

If the customer has not previously signed up or in with the device they are using to scan the QR code then they will be asked to enter their email address. If the customer has previously filled out the form at either your facility or another facility running the You're a Winner! client software then all required information is retrieved from their previous signup form.

If the customer has never previously signed up for a You're a Winner! draw then they will be presented with a signup form which requires them to enter their email, name and some optional fields - birthday, anniversary, address and/or postal/zip code (again, depending on your preferences).

Fill in a form on the client program

The You're a Winner! client program has a signup form that is displayed automatically when the program is first started, a sample of which is shown below.

(Click for a larger image)

If the computer the client program runs on can be placed in a publicly accessible location then customers can fill out the form to sign up or to sign in for extra visit tags. When initially signing up, the form will require the participant's email address and name and optionally a number of other fields (depending on the preferences set in the client program) including birthday, anniversary and/or address or postal/zip code. The signup form can also allow the participant to create a personal sign in code (as little as a single character) which can be used as a short form identification code for that participant.

Fill in a form on a tablet computer

The You're a Winner! client program also will act as an in-house web server that can be accessed from a tablet computer that could be delivered to a customer table to allow the customer to sign up or sign in directly from their table. In this case the firewall on the client computer (the computer running the You're a Winner! client program) must be opened to allow incoming traffic on port 80 and/or port 443 and the tablet browser must be pointed to the local IP address of the client computer whatever that might be. Traffic on port 80 (the http port) is not encrypted while traffic on port 443 (the https port) is encrypted, but setting up your tablets to communicate on via https requires an additional step. The You're a Winner! client program uses a self-signed certificate which won't be recognized as valid by any browser, so you'll need to add a security exception to connect to the You're a Winner! client computer the first time you connect. After that, the connection should be seamless.

After the initial signup the client program needs only the email address or the client identification code to be entered in the first field to sign the participant in for subsequent visit tags.