Product Overview

The You're a Winner! Email Marketing System:

effortlessly builds a customer database

automatically contacts your customers

instantly raises business awareness

ultimately maximizes revenue

How It Works

You create a prize that you can award.

Customers at your facility sign up for the chance to win your prize. There are multiple ways for customers to sign up. Each sign-up is an entry in future draws.

Customers can enter as many times as they visit your facility; each entry is good for multiple prize draws

Customer sign-up and re-entry is easy.

Customer entries expire after a set period of time.

Periodically the system generates a random draw from all eligible entries, sends an email message to the winner(s) informing them of their win and sends an email message to all the other active subscribers in the database informing them of the names of the winners for that draw and most importantly communicating the advertising message you wish to convey.

When customers sign up, they can optionally provide:

  1. their birthday
  2. their anniversary date
  3. their postal/zip code or other address information.

If the customer provides a birthday they can get a birthday email a few days prior to the date they supplied. The email could offer a special deal for the customer (e.g. a free entree, or a free entree if they are part of a group that celebrates the event at your facility) or might simply convey best wishes.

If the customer provides an anniversary date they can get a reminder email a few days prior to the date they supplied. The email could provide a reservation number with a message that indicates some sort of special romantic treatment for the customer and guest if this is an anniversary reservation.

You're a Winner! works with to handle email design and delivery. For subscriber lists of fewer than 2000 emails, MailChimp can be used free of charge, and paid accounts (which provide some benefits) are very affordable. See for more information on pricing.

Using MailChimp ensures that you are compliant with anti-spam legislation around the world and also provides an easy to use method of creating beautiful emails.

How You Benefit

You can keep reminding your customers about your business without irritating them

Face it, every business on the planet now wants you to sign up for their email newsletter, and when you do some businesses take that as a license to inundate you with email after email of questionable value. I know I've subscribed to a number of email newsletters and later unsubscribed after finding my inbox full of junk emails - it's worse than junk postal mail!

With You're a Winner! things are different. The focus of the email is first of all in communicating the results of the random draw of which the recipient is a part, and only secondarily in communicating the advertising message. Because you're potentially giving something of considerable value to your customer your emails become something that generates excitement rather than irritation.

You can inform customers about specials, new products and more

Of course, there is an advertising message that comes as part of the email. So long as the advertisement is short and to the point it will get read, and the advertisement can link to web pages that can contain much more detail about the product or service you're offering.

You can tell how often your customers visit

The You're a Winner! client software runs on a Windows™ (7, 8.x, 10) computer at your facility, and the only way to update the contact database is to use one of the signup methods available at the facility in which it's running (your business). Customers need to be presented with the opportunity to re-submit their information at each visit to your site so that they increase their chances of winning each draw and extend the number of draws they're entered in. When they do so the business operator gets a snapshot of how often customers return. The process of re-entering can be as simple as a single scan (two clicks) on the customer's cell phone.

You can tell where your customers come from using postal code/address mapping

You can configure the You're a Winner! client program so that when a customer signs up they can supply their postal/zip code and address information as part of the customer profile. By doing so they can get the benefit of adding to the number of "visit" tags that make up entries in each draw, increasing the likelihood of their winning a draw. The facility gains the benefit of being able to track the locations and visit frequency of customers in their contact database, which can drive better decision-making in marketing the business.

You have the opportunity to acquire age demographics if birthdays are recorded

You can configure the You're a Winner! client program to request birthday information. If the customer provides this information age demographic analysis can be performed.