The Analysis menu option generates a visits analysis report that is automatically emailed to the management contact email. The report consists of bar graphs that report on subscriber counts (active, pending, returned, unsubscribed and inactive) and visits.

The visits analysis includes the frequency distribution of visits by guest/customer for the most recent complete month, quarter and year with comparisons to the equivalent period in the prior year (so that seasonal variations are eliminated as much as possible).

The second page of the analysis shows two graphs (reproduced above - click on the graph for a larger image). The first is the cumulative visit frequency for the current month. No comparison is provided to a prior year as comparing a partial month to a complete month is a meaningless comparison so it's been skipped to avoid confusion. The second graph shows a number of visits comparison for the most recently completed month against the same month of the prior year.

The third page of the analysis looks at the most recent quarter and the full year ending at the completion of the most recent month and compares those results against the corresponding period from a year earlier.

The fourth page shows cumulative counts of visits for the quarter year and full year ending at the most recently completed month with comparisons to a year earlier.