Screens and Sample Emails

The image below is the main window for the program. Click on the image for a larger view.

The next image is a customer registration window running on the You're a Winner! client program with no options enabled. The appearance of the registration window can change depending on the options selected in the system configuration. Click on the image for a larger view of a couple of registration windows and explanations of the options shown.

The images below are the system configuration windows. Once again, click on either image for a larger view and explanation.

Page 1 image

Page 2 image

The next two items are sample emails that give you the idea of a very simple, but effective email message.

You can change the content of the email templates in Mail Chimp to whatever you like.

The first sample is a representative email sent to the contest winner(s).

The next one is a sample consolation email (sent to all non-winning participants). Note that my name appears twice because the email was generated from the Run Test Contest Now button, so the management email contact is used to fill the winner names spaces and this particular installation was set to generate two winners per draw.