This is the customer registration window and is the one that appears when you select Signup from the main program menu.

Because this window is designed to run continuously there is no exit button. To close this window, you press the Esc key on the keyboard, and provided that you have set a password in the system configuration a password dialog appears. This password protected exit is designed so that the You're a Winner! client software can be publicly accessible, which allows customers to self-register. In the case of a publicly accessible kiosk-like operation, you don't want the main menu to be accessed by anyone except authorized personnel.

There are two customer signup screens displayed here. The first shows the most minimal screen and the second shows the signup screen with all possible options enabled.

This is the customer registration window that appears when the system tracks birthdays, anniversaries and customer geolocations and the customer can create their own personal identification code. The personal identification code is a shortcut the customer can use to self-identify on subsequent visits without entering their longer email address. It's handy if the customer is entering their information from a tablet touchscreen.