Administrative Functions

Other than the system configuration functions (dealt with here) and the tent card form definition process (dealt with here) there are two areas of administration that you need to be aware of.

The first area is a series of items that are accessed from the File menu item. Click on the item in the image for more information.

File Menu Renew Menu Item Registration Menu Item Update Program Menu Item Reindex Databases Menu Item Remote Support Connector Menu Item Archive Offsite Menu Item Restore from Archive Menu Item Login Menu Item Exit Menu Item

The Renew menu item starts the subscription renewal process. It is fully described on the Payment Options page.

The Registration Information item refreshes the license information at your site from our server. Click this item to get an updated expiry date after renewing your license if the client program doesn't update the expiry date automatically after the renewal process completes.

The Update Program menu item checks with my server to see if there is an updated version of the You're a Winner! client program available, and if so, downloads and installs it.

The Re-index Databases menu item tells the You're a Winner! client program to rebuild its internally used index files. You normally wouldn't need to do this unless your client program has crashed unexpectedly and information that used to be there (subscriber records, visit tags) have disappeared. Re-indexing the databases generally solves this kind of problem.

If you're having significant issues with the You're a Winner! client program you can share your desktop with me by clicking the Remote Support Connector menu item. Personally, I think it's highly unlikely you'll ever need this option, but it's there just in case.

As part of the service provided with You're a Winner! the program can archive your dataset on a daily basis. The archive process is normally handled automatically and is enabled and set up on the General tab of the You're a Winner! client program configuration window. However, this menu item gives you the option of invoking the archive process immediately if you are concerned that an archive might not have completed in automatic mode or if you want to make an immediate copy of the data.

The Restore from archive menu item allows you to restore an archived dataset located on my server. This is not normally something you will do from the menu, but this function is useful in that it starts out by displaying a list of archive copies stored on the server. After you've been running the You're a Winner! client program for a while you should see one archive copy for each of the previous days of the week and one archive copy for each of the first days of the month. You cannot use this function to restore to your current working directory, but you can create a new directory and restore to that location if you wish.

The Exit menu item simply terminates the You're a Winner! client program and returns control to the operating system.

The second area for administrators is accessed from the Subscribers menu item. When you select this item a new window opens that will look similar to the one below. You can modify the information on a subscriber from within this table including changing their status, reactivating them, modifying their visit history and editing the information they have provided to you.

This table will list every person who has ever signed up to You're a Winner! at your facility. Initially the table sequences the records by last name, then first name as can be seen in the first column of the image above. To find a person by name just start typing the name (last name first) and you'll see the display change to follow your keystrokes as you type.

To find a person by email address click the button labeled Email located at the bottom of the table. The table will change to display the subscriber's email address in the first column and the individual's name in the third. Once again, simply start typing the email address of the individual you're looking for and the highlight bar in the table will follow your keystrokes.

Once the individual you want is highlighted, either press the Enter key or click the button labeled View/Edit located at the bottom of the window to view the complete information on file for this individual. A new window will open, similar to the one below.

In this window all the fields with a white background are editable so you can change the contents of any of these fields just by placing the cursor in the field and typing.

The buttons arrayed down the right hand side of the window provide additional options.

The buttons labeled Next and Previous will scroll through the individual records one at a time. The order in which they are displayed is determined by the order that is in effect for the subscribers table window which is where you came from to display the subscriber detail.

The button labeled Delete will allow you to delete an individual from the local database entirely. You should note that deleting an individual from the local database has no effect on the MailChimp subscribers list, nor does it affect our reference database.

The button labeled Change Status allows you to change the subscriber status in a limited number of ways. There are four subscriber status values, as follows:


The subscriber has been sent a confirmation email but has not yet replied to it. Therefore the subscriber will not be included in any draw, nor will birthday or anniversary emails (if enabled) be sent.


The subscriber is active. The subscriber will be entered in the next draw according to the policies set for the visit tags this subscriber has accumulated and will be sent birthday and anniversary emails as appropriate.


The subscriber is no longer active. This status can occur if the subscriber unsubscribes from the contestants list in MailChimp (by clicking the unsubscribe button that appears at the bottom of each email) or if the subscriber's status is changed to inactive in this window.


The subscriber's email sent from MailChimp has been returned as undeliverable.

If the subscriber status is PENDING you can change the subscriber status to INACTIVE. If the subscriber status is INACTIVE or RETURNED you can change it to PENDING, and finally if the subscriber status is ACTIVE you can change it to INACTIVE.

Clicking the button labeled Tags opens a new window where you can see all the visit tags that this individual has accumulated. The buttons down the right side of the table allow you to Add a new visit tag, Edit (i.e. change the date of) an existing visit tag or Delete a visit tag entirely.